The Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame

This page lies in wait. Like Chuck Norris. It is the Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame.

Yes, it waits. It waits for agar greatness. Or someone actually named Agar. That will get you added here to this list real quick. Let me know.

Anyways. This page,


The Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame

The first inductee is, in fact, someone that knows what agar is better than like, most of the rest of the planet. However, they knew it not for growing bacterial or fungal cultures, but for sustaining humans!

When I was building this website, I had to open a technical support call with the hosting provider. The TAC agent that helped me was phillippina, and so by geography and culture knew exactly what agar was. I don’t think she quite totally understood what the hell I was doing with it though.

Ladies and Gentlemen – May I Present The Members Of The Hall:

HOF#1FPABS / Fresh Philippine Agar Beach Salad

This is an authentic original traditional recipe given to me straight from a Phillipina woman in the Phillipines. We don’t make this in store. You have to go to the Phillippines to get some. Thanks Nirvana!

  • freshly harvested red agar
  • fresh onion sliced and diced
  • fresh chopped tomato
  • vinegar, salt, pepper to taste

Chop up, mix, eat. Blam! Like Emeril.

Oscar Gamble has nothing to do with this website at all. Except I think he is the coolest, and should be in the Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame.

If you have a nominee or candidate, recipe, or any other recommendation for inclusion into The Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame, please contact us and let us know who or what it is, and why they should be listed here.

Any and all entrants, persons or otherwise, are welcome for nomination. However, all submissions will be screened by the Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame Board Of Governors, The Queen, The Vienna Boys Choir, and my mom. So make sure your suggestion is worthy.