Silver Water FAQ & Info

What is Silver Water, and why would I want any?

Silver water, ionic silver, or colloidal silver is distilled water that has very very microscopically small silver particles dissolved and suspended in the water, and you want some! It has been, and can be used for a great number of things. We offer several percentage-strength mixtures Ag/ppm of silver water per your specification.

It is difficult to find quality modern-day medicinal/medical information regarding the general use and benefit of silver water, however we have gathered some general information from various sources, to present to you here.

Historically speaking, the use of silver and its component water is well documented from written medical records as early as the time of Hippocrates, to being in-use on the past battlefields of war. Sadly, most current journal information found today is given in vague terms as ‘inconclusive’ or ‘little known benefit’ etc.

We suggest only two things to think about: One is that it has been written out of modern medicine literature (post ~1940s with the availability of lab-made synthetics and pharmaceuticals). A second reason; consider what common modern medicines and household products DO contain silver. Right now today; bandages, silvadene creme, mouthwashes, catheter coatings, burn dressings, tracheal tubes, teeth fillings, cleaners, toothpastes, etc., all contain silver. The list goes on and on.

Silver Water Is Good

Since ancient times, colloidal silver water, and even the element itself in pure form has been used for many things related to support good health and hygene. As a first example, people used to put a silver coin in their milk to help prevent bacteria from growing and spoiling the milk. Additionally, people used to add silver to water containers to let their water keep longer in its vessel. Have you ever heard the phrase “..born with a silver spoon in their mouth”? Why would that be an envious thing, aside from the value of the silver itself? Out of all the things you could make SILVERware out of, why not wood? People certainly could have used lead, iron, copper or a tree branch or pottery clay or whatever else they had laying around back then, but they used silver instead. Why, because silver is anti microbial. SILVERware!

Silver is currently used in several water purification systems and filters, medical devices, and many health and cleaning products. In addition to the above things, silver is a since-time-began known antibiotic, microbiocide, anti-viral, and disinfectant element. It just is.

OK, so how do you get the silver INTO the water?

We make our silver water for you fresh to order, per Ag/ppm percentage specified. It is created via electrolytic process, only with pure distilled water. Importantly, we use uncirculated, 99.999% pure Ag; minted silver rounds from a public currency vendor. This as opposed to home-made or DIY kits that use thin silver wire or 14GA silver craft jewellry rods from the local hardware store or craft store.

In testing, we found that using actual minted officially-issued silver currencies and silver rounds from an official mint produces the best product. Mint silver ensures only the best possible quality of silver content without any question of manufacture or metallic purity or, really, anything at all. Only the best.

It will arrive to you in a blue, green, or brown tinted glass bottle, with or without a dropper top, depending on the bottle size. Store at room temperature and leave it in the colored glass bottle it comes in. We know the bottles are pretty, and are very useful for, like 20 other things. It is important that you do not expose your ionic colloidal silver water to direct sunlight or UV sources, as it will deteoriate the quality.

It is said to repel werewolves, witches, vampires, and most importantly, the loch ness monster. If not, offer him about tree fiddy.

The provided table below shows the expected Ag/ppm solution range of the mixture based on electrolysis time @ 24vDC. We do not produce concentrations outside of this scale, in either direction +/-.

Production Time @ 24vDC: 32 Oz. Water
3 hours~10ppm Ag
4 hours~20ppm Ag
4-1/2 hours~28ppm Ag
5 hours~35ppm Ag