Our Products

In addition to selling pre-poured agar petri dishes and bulk unfilled plates, we offer products for lots of other subject areas and interests too!

We frequently stock items and supplies related to: fish keeping, home gardening, dogs and cats, non-GMO and organic living products, personal health and wellness goods, and other interesting things.

Here is a partial list of the items we sell from time to time, depending on availability:

Plant lovers and home gardners, we have you covered! Whenever we start new seedlings for our own garden we plant a few extra. We love to get a tray of starters going, and spread them around to other folks. It may be squash, peppers, tomatos, or who knows what, it just depends on the season mostly as to what you see for sale here on the site.

If you are here to look at the frisbee section of the site, then fantastic! No prices are listed on any frisbee, however please contact us with questions. If you are interested in more information about any frisbee or its availability then don’t hesitate to reach out. Instead of outright purchases, we would prefer to trade frisbees. Rare for rare, custom hotstamps from around the country/world, prototypes, old school vintage, etc.