Custom Recipe – Pre-Poured PDA Petri Dishes

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The Finest Pre-Poured PDA Petri Dishes Known To Man


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Custom RecipeĀ  Pre-Poured PDA Petri Dishes


We are currently producing custom recipe pre-poured PDA petri dishes (Potato / Dextrose / Agar). This recipe batch is basically some potato flakes, a splash of karo syrup, a pile of agar-agar, and a drop of yellow food coloring.

The agar content ratio used makes a good sturdy media. You could compare it to slicing a cold butter stick, but with a dry skin. The agar doesn’t get on your finger when you touch it however, the media is solid and has a firm surface.

They are dark tan bananas or dark cream yellow color, and opaque in transparency, allowing you to see mycelial growth very clearly on the agar surface.

We use these custom recipe petri dishes as our one of our basic in-house recipes for our own cultures. Get em while they’re hot!

Potato Dextrose Agar-Agar media is a very common media. I found an excellent discussion and analysis about PDA media creation, uses, problems, and everything else – here – at microbiology info .com.

If you are interested in other ‘flavors’ of media, or want to see what else is available, please check out our List Of Available Things!

Or, contact us with your own special recipe. We will prepare your recipe fresh in-house in the quantity you specify. Once they cool off we will package them up. Then we send them out to you USPS priority mail!

And if your custom recipe is awesome enough, we will add it to The Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame.

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