Handmade Pre-Poured Agar Petri Dishes

A Selection Of The Finest Handmade Pre-Poured Agar Petri Dishes Known To Man.

Pouring agar plates is hard. And can get messy. And can get dangerous. Seriously. First, you have to have a really really clean environment to work in, to avoid any contamination possiblities.

Second, agar is sort of like jello – it’s gooey and sticky and kind of solid but not really. It can get everywhere, fast – on your utensils, your workspace, your stovetop, on your person, and the walls and ceiling too 🙂

Lastly, you have to boil it, then pressure cook it, so this is the dangerous part. Running a pressure cooker takes time and certain safety procedures have to be observed to be done correctly, or stuff goes bad, and wrong, usually at very much the same time.

Another really (really) dangerous thing is when someone tries to reheat some previously prepared agar. If not reheated correctly, it can superheat itself and its containing vessel, and explode violently.

Agar is a solid at room temprature, and must be heated to almost 200* to become liquid again once it has been solidified. However, when you prepare it originally, it does not solidify until it reaches about 100*. Agar is some very strange stuff.

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We offer bulk unfilled polysterene petri dishes and handmade pre-poured agar petri dishes at a great price!

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