If you can reliably prove that one of these frisbees are yours I will gladly return it to you.

This is my second collection of frisbees. I sold my first collection in the 1990’s to bullwinkle – 200 discs for $400 dollars – $2 a frisbee. Bullwinkle if you ever read this get at me I need a couple of those blue deadhead super puppies back my man!

In that original collection were all the early innova and discraft and lightning and whammo molds. Steve howle, the owner of lightning, used to come out to skyline in his little red sports car and hand us new molds to test out. Like when he made the lightning rubber putter, I had prototypes that were really floppy soft and had almost a super puppy profile to them, not like the production mold at all.

This second collection pretty much started when I came out of retirement in 2010 – I of course ended up getting more plastic over the entire time somehow go figure. I like frisbees I guess. As of this posting 6/23/20 looks like close to ~250 golf discs are listed here, not including minis or park frisbees.

This is those.


* 08/03/20 – hit ~275 frisbees listed