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I Survived The Munson Open 2020

This is a frisbee golf story, but I’m not sure how to start off this post. There is so much to tell! It’s the story of how I survived Munson Open 2020. This blog post is about my return to pdga frisbee golf competition this weekend, mostly, and my whole experience around it.

There were so many highlights – Nine people DNF. Sean and I ate burgerdogs for lunch. This was my first sanctioned pdga competition to attend in seven years. I got to golf with an OG golfer. I started out on a four man card. In the middle of the tourney, I ended up on a two man card, twice! Then I finished on a five man card. All in two rounds of golf. Dang thats a pretty good day.

The Munson

The July 11 2020 Munson Open was up at the Denison course made by #553 – H.B. Clark. I had never been up there to play it. Its a pretty balanced course; a lot of up and down – Seans walker app said we did 212 flights of stairs and 25,000 steps about. There is really no water in play at all on the course, just some casual drainages. Roads O.B. do come into play on several of the holes. They added A/B/C holes at #13 to extend the course, and at least the C position should be made permanent in my opinion – it was a good golf hole – lefties have to dare over an O.B. road hazard with a lefty hyzer and righties have to go up a hill and back down with a righty hyzer.

Looking at the PDGA scorecard, it shows there were nine withdrawls. The big ol DNF. Everyone takes one sooner or later, it happens. I have a couple. They suck. Sometimes you have to bail out of the match, for a medical or personal or maybe a totally unrelated reason. Or maybe heatstroke.

Or maybe heatstroke…

Yesterday it was hot out there, man. It was probably right around 100 degrees somewhere, with not much breeze, and good thick texas humidity. Masters Shade Golf is real – play to the shade! There is a decent amount of old growth trees in the park, but you find yourself standing out in the sun like cattle a bunch too.

I hadn’t been in a pdga sanctioned event since 2013 worlds, and I didnt even throw a frisbee from 2017 to 2020 like a month ago May or June – didn’t even touch one. Only whenever we were up at dinosaur valley and thats it. My endurance is nil. Even though I normally dont eat during the day, I had a burgerdog with #7312 – Sean Montgomery. #54538 – Alex Ferreria and the other dudes that ran the show had dontaion lunch set up – guys I owe you $5 – sorry I dont carry cash on me but I ate a burgerdog. So you take your bun, put your cheese, put your burger, put your dog, top it with your other bun, and eat that sucker. Burgerdog.

O.G. McGee

There was a really OG golfer there. Like ancient to me and sean even. And we are, ourselves, OG. This dude is a caveman is how old school he is. #200 – Neal Dambra, ladies and gentlemen. The oldest # golfer I ever golfed with on the regular was #581 – Bill Burns, until yesterday.

While a small part of me is kind of cheesed this guy was in my division ($25k in career earnings come on) he was super cool, and we had a great time golfing. For me, yesterday wasn’t about trying to win anything, but to see if my body could survive a golf tournament still. So whatever.

But neals 2nd shot was deadly from anywhere on the course. It was complete insanity. It was fun to watch. What I noticed was it seemed like every throw he did had so much wrist on it. It didnt look like a crush, or superman arm, but right at release he would wrist the hell out of it nice and smooth. Neal it was great golfing with you sir, and thanks. I tried to pay attention to your style, and I admire your career.

Heatstroke Kills

There may be china flu and hep and TB and whatever else, but in texas just being outside will kill you. On the UV 1 – 10 scale it was like UV+37 yesterday, full sun no clouds, and barely a wind. I mean hell we are all are from around here, we know how hot it gets, and what we signed up for. And it will still kick your ass. Myself I drink gallons of water a day already, and I make it a point to mow the yard at about 4pm at the absolute-est hottest point of the day, just exactly because this. Its like the beep test endurance test for soccer. You got to stay in match fitness, son.

So we started the second round as the 3-man bottom card of our division, and were trucking along. Then this guy, his throws just started fading. Getting wobbly. Nothing behind it. At the next tee he drove off, took about 3 steps towards his drive, turns to us and says he thinks hes gonna call it a day. We were like sure of course no problem ,and we just sat in the shade and waited for the lead card to come up on us.

We were close to the T.D. area, and we all sort of stood around and hashed it out with alex and both cards membership about how to do this, how would we score using live scoring but the guy moved cards and etc.

Heatstroke = 2 Humans = 0

What happens is the 4 man card passes down the bottom player to our card. At least thats how we split it up. I wasnt doing the live scoring for us so I don’t know how that went down. So our man DNF’d out and went to go recover, and we inherited a player from the above card.

The guy we picked up played the hole we were ahead of them on, as we had finished it out already. We stood there and watched him play it solo, so now he was caught up to us on holes played. We step to the very next tee, the guy drives off, turns to us and says he thinks hes gonna call it a day too. Wow, just wow. I don’t know if this is unprecedented or not in tourney play, but I’ve never seen it, and I’ll remember it for sure!

So NOW we go BACK to the T.D. – we are only pretty much one hole further away anyways from episode one, and we hash out how to handle the situation 2.0. We ended up playing about half the round as a 5 man card, with keeping 2 separate scorecards, but we played like a single card as far as box order and outs. Crazy times man.

I Survived The Munson Open 2020

When our second man dropped out, it became survival golf. It became how to be the guy that survived the munson open 2020. I don’t know if the rest of the world knows what the hell I mean, but down here we got survival golf. In your mind its like holy shit this is real shit right here people are fallin out, you got to hang on, lad.

Honestly, most of us were faded. I had some leg cramps I had to walk off and drink even more water to chase away. Neals frisbee was maybe doing 70mph but his bodily person was moving about 2mph. Several times our group said screw 2 minutes and just sat down at a tee box and hung out for a couple of extra minutes. We were our only division card and didn’t have any backup, so we enjoyed our time out there.

I am happy that I’m not totally incapacitated the day after, and to have just made it around the course. Twice. It was good. My putts sucked, and I ended up breaking out the ol super puppy, which at least has good street cred factor. My drives were OK, but I couldnt turn anything over, even my weakest valks wouldn’t turn over for me, even in a headwind. My throw is off from where it used to be. When I did get a clean drive it was respectably out there. I got to give props to sean though some of his sidearm s-ball shots went far AF.

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