Frequently Asked Questions About Agar

We have compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions About Agar, for your viewing pleasure. Here lies a bunch of useful information about agar-agar, petri dishes, agar recipies, stuff mom told us, and other important random goodness. Please enjoy.

Brush Your Teeth.

Q: What is Agar-Agar? Is there a difference between ‘just agar’ one agar and ‘agar-agar’ two agars?

A: No. Well, other than ‘Agar’ being the name of a few different cities (and maybe people? If your name is Agar, let us know and we will give you a good discount**) around the world, and Agar-Agar is more fun to say – they are the same thing. Here is the wiki definition of agar-agar.

Q: What is ‘in’ CustomAgar.STORE ‘s Agar Recipe Mixes?

A: We have one recipe that uses Colonel’s 13 secret ingredients, but we promised not to say anything, and we respect that. We also know how to make Krabby Patty sauce. We do regret that we only know 56 of the Heinz57 flavors. (However, current lab testing suggests in fact the 57th flavor resembles old gym shoes, or applewood.) Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese..

We can make anything you want in your mix, if we can get the base components to make it*. Typical recipies are LME (malt extract), PDA (potato/dextrose), and DFA (dog food), to name a few.

Please Peruse Our Recipe Page Here.

You don’t make agar. . .

Q: How do you make agar?

A: First, you must go to the Sea of Japan, and jump in the ocean, looking for red algae. Avoid sea snakes, fugu blowfish, and Portuguese Man-O’-War. Once you find a good bed of red algae, harvest it. Then after you harvest it, you must lay it out on the beach on fresh-cut bamboo planks, facing north, and build an overly-dangerous Aggie bonfire around it, until it dries naturally in the sun, aproximately 7-10 days, depending on the relative humidity and time of year, and if you chose Geodetic North or Magnetic North. After the kelp throughly dries, you must get an approved 9th level Japanese Agar Farmer to bless the seaweed pile, then stomp it with their bare unwashed feet until well pulverized. It’s very costly and time consuming.

It takes a bit of knowledge, and a bit of kitchen (lab) work, and a bit of science, but it is not overly difficult if you have everything you need, and the know-how to do it. Sometimes there are a lot of ingredients, but at the very minimum you need some agar-agar, some water, and some nutrients. Then basically you mix everything at certain measured amounts, boil it for a while on a burner, then pressure cook it for a while more inside a pressure cooker.

Q: OK, so how do you get the agar from the pressure cooker to the petri dish plate?

A: This is a tricky part, where it can all go wrong. Agar is pretty smart and if you don’t sneak up and grab it correctly it will get away from you and stick to the ceiling. AMHIK.

OK, How do you know?

The agar mix has to be at a certain temperature, and you have to be in a clean environment to do the pouring in. It has to be in a container that can be pressure cooked. You have to keep the mix mixed, as some elements tend to settle or seperate. There are many requirements to be met when pouring agar.

Agars whole purpose is to grow things on it, and it is SUPER easy to get contamination on an open agar petri dish plate, while making it and while working with them, so everything done in the whole process must be clean and tidy.

Drink More Water.

Q: Will you mix up a recipe that is not on your list?

A: For Sure! You can pick any of the currently available ingredients we have listed and specify the mixture as you want, in the quantity you want, and we will make it right up for you, pronto.

Q: Can I make this stuff myself at home?

A: YES! BUT!! BE CAREFUL!!! You can blow stuff up. Bigly. I’m not even kidding. Agar-agar is not like water or a beverage or anything you are used to if you have never experienced working with agar. At room temperature it is a solid. When you try to reheat it back into a liquid (which can be done, properly) to pour it is generally when really undesireable things usually start to unfold very quickly and in rapid succession; in the worst-case scenario you end up with a face full of molten-hot agar and broken glass from the container vessel. Cool huh?

So just buy pre-poured custom agar plates from CustomAgar.STORE and we will be happy to explode ourselves regularly on your behalf.

Can we get a math check please?

Q: Whats the difference between ‘7g Agar’ and ’10g Agar’ in your suggested recipes?

A: 3g

“7g agar” makes a media thickness/viscosity of something like cutting into a stick of warm butter.

“10g agar” makes a media thickness/viscosity of something like cutting into a stick of refrigerated butter.

If you have your own Frequently Asked Questions About Agar – please contact us and submit your question. If its a really awesome question, we will add it here to this FAQ!

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*We do not have access to obtain, nor want to concoct any mix elements or components of crazy formulae or pharmecutical, experimental, or pathological additives or anything like that. If it takes a perscription or approval to get, or if it can grow pathogens, fastidious organisms, or tissues, we don’t have it, and we don’t want it.

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**If you can really prove your name is really really Agar, like with photo ID or a letter from your mom, we will give you free shipping on your 1st order, and you will be added to the Agar-Agar Hall Of Fame.