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Agar-San Bountiful Harvest
Agar-San Bountiful Harvest

About Custom Agar STORE: We are a startup company, new in 2020. A ‘mom and pop’ shop. A small operation. Proudly Texan, and Proudly American!

Along with most of the rest of the world, things got kind of strange for us here, around the end of February thru the start of March 2020. With the flu virus called ‘covid-19’ spreading globally, and the entire world trying to shut down and run and hide from its eventual spread, we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands. A lot.

Once we got over the shock of not going to work like robots every day; we had finished cleaning our house for the 3rd time in as many days; we had started and completed all the home repairs we had ever put off, ever, in two decades of living in a house, we really didn’t have much left to do besides sit here.

So, we could have just sat here like lumps and looked at our new toilet and sink in our freshly painted, re-grouted bathroom. Or admired the fresh coat of paint on our backyard fence. Or lounged around in the newly planted garden.

But we didn’t do that. Any of it.

Instead, we learned all we could about the science of Mycology. And we started a Victory Garden. Sounds fungi, right?

In the process of our own mycology study and learning all about growing mushrooms and their wants and needs during their lifecycle, we realized two main things. One – there is a need for hobbyist mycology supplies at a reasonable price. Two – most mycology work requires clean procedures, and some of it requires specialized equipment.

OK, I guess we realized three things; Three – making good agar is hard to do. Thats about where Custom Agar STORE came in to life. And we had waaaay too many tomato plants…

The average person at home wanting to start a patch of oyster mushrooms in their backyard or planter bed ‘for fun’ or ‘to see if I can do it’ may not have an autoclave, or an expensive pressure cooker, etc.

That same person may be a first-timer just trying the hobby. Perhaps they are unsure about the scope of the work involved in making agar. Or maybe they are not willing to invest a large amount of money. It takes supplies, equipment, and materials that they may never use again.

Still others may simply prefer the convenience of ordering exactly what they want and need, and it arriving in a timely manner, all set and ready to use.

Whatever your reason, be sure and pick up some custom agar petri dishes today!

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