Welcome To CustomAgar.STORE

Thank you for visiting our site! Using popular recipes, Custom Agar STORE makes to-order, pre-poured agar petri dishes for sale and use to the public. The STORE also provides bulk stacks of unfilled petri dishes, silver water, horticultural supplies, mycology supplies, live plants and fungi, and other items. However, our inventory changes frequently, so please check out our Products page!

Custom Agar STORE allows you to order prepoured agar petri dishes, or ‘plates’, filled with media custom mixed to your specification of ingredients and quantity desired.

As an example you could order a dozen pre-poured potato/dextrose/agar PDA plates. Or mix it up and get a half-dozen dog food agar DFA and a half-dozen cat food agar CFA plates. Want us to add extra yeast or sugar for a little boost of extra nutrients? Sure, no problem. Want blue-colored media? OK! Thicker agar media for taking transfers? Thinner media for grain to grain work or liquid preparations? Just say the word boss.

You can choose from our premade recipes or select ingredients from the List Of Available Things.

Custom Agar STORE also offers live mycelia, spores and cultures, edible and ornamental live plants, however our selections may depend upon season and time of year.